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Ethiopian and Eritrean forces have reportedly taken control of a town in Tigray

Ethiopian and Eritrean forces have taken control of the town of Adwa in the conflict-affected region of Tigray in northern Ethiopia, according to an aid worker.

It comes ahead of the warring parties in the conflict in Tigray planning peace talks next week.

Military forces from Ethiopia and Eritrea entered Adwa on Saturday, at the same time as the Tigray forces withdrew. It happened as a result of heavy losses, says the emergency worker to AP.

The person says an airstrike hit Adwa on Friday, killing several civilians. How many lost their lives is not known.

The emergency worker has chosen to remain anonymous for security reasons.

The loss of Adwa is the latest in a series of major losses for the group in control of Tigray. On Tuesday, Ethiopian authorities said they had taken control of the major city of Shire. They also promised to take control of the airports in Tigray.

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) confirmed on Friday that it will participate in the peace talks that are scheduled to take place in South Africa on Monday.

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