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Foreign Minister supports Boris Johnson

Britain’s current Foreign Secretary James Cleverly is on Sunday behind Boris Johnson’s candidacy to regain the prime minister’s offices in Downing Street on 10.

– I know that Boris has learned from his time in No. 10 and will continue to assure that the focus is on the country’s needs from day one, writes Cleverly on Twitter.

He then writes that he will support Johnson’s return to the post of Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Earlier on Sunday, Suella Braverman, who was Home Secretary in Boris Johnson’s government, stated that she supports Rishi Sunak’s candidacy.

She says so in an interview with the British newspaper Telegraph. She claims that Sunak will be best able to bring the Tory Conservative Party back together after Liz Truss resigned after just 38 days.

Truss resigned as Prime Minister after massive criticism for the so-called mini-budget that her government put forward. The budget included major tax cuts, and caused the pound to plummet.

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