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Rishi Sunak can become the new prime minister as early as today

Rishi Sunak is the clear favorite to become the new leader of the Conservative Party, which means Britain will get its first prime minister with Indian roots.

If Sunak is the only one who can boast of at least 100 conservative parliamentarians behind him, the battle for the Tories’ leadership position will be decided as early as Monday.

Then Sunak will also automatically become prime minister, writes Sky News.

The former finance minister is said to have already secured the support of over 140 parliamentarians.

With Boris Johnson out of the leadership race, Penny Mordaunt is the only one who can challenge Sunak’s path to power. One of her colleagues tells the Daily Telegraph that she will fight on and that “it looks good”. The deadline expires at 5 p.m. Somalia time.

Should Mordaunt succeed, there will be a vote among the party’s members, and the result will not be known until Friday.

The opposition Labor party has demanded new elections after Liz Truss announced her resignation after almost six turbulent weeks. The Tories do not want that, as the party is doing very poorly in the opinion polls.

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