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Streatham attacker named as convicted terror offender Sudesh Amman

A man shot dead by police after stabbing two people in south London in an Islamist related attack has been named as the convicted terror offender Sudesh Amman.

Scotland Yard confirmed the suspect killed was Amman, who had only been released around a week ago after serving half of a three year four month sentence for terror offences.

He was under active police surveillance at the time of the attack on Streatham High Road and had been given strict licence terms.

Armed officers were following the suspect on foot when he began attacking.

Amman was jailed in 2018 aged 18 while a student at North West London College.

He admitted 13 terror offences for disseminating terrorist material and collecting information useful for terror attacks.

It was revealed during a hearing at the Old Bailey that Amman was an Isis supporter who wanted to carry out his own terror attack as well as encouraging his girlfriend to behead her own parents.

The court heard how he had stockpiled a combat knife, air gun and black flag at his family home in north west London.

Prosecutor Kelly Brockhurst had described Amman’s fascination with using a knife in a future attack adding that, “reference was also made to committing acid attacks on mopeds”.

Footage taken in the immediate aftermath of the incident showed plainclothes officers pointing their guns at a man on the ground.

Moments before, witnesses said the man had been going on a knife rampage.

The officers did not approach the man shot on the ground and waited for the Met’s armed unit to arrive.
Once on the scene, they cautiously approached the suspect’s body but then began backing away quickly asking members of the public to move back.

Later it was revealed, the man had been wearing a fake bomb device and had a knife.
Reports suggest Amman entered a shop and started stabbing people. It appears he then left the shop and stabbed a woman.

Witnesses reported hearing three gun shots and seeing a man lying on the ground outside a Boots pharmacy, as armed police approached and shouted at those nearby to move back.

Two women and a man were injured in Sunday’s attack. The man in his 40s was said to be in life-threatening condition in hospital however, he is now in a stable condition.

A third person, a woman in her 50s, was wounded by glass that smashed from the impact of a bullet deployed by the armed officer and is still being treated.

Whitehall sources have told journalists the attacker was released despite concerns that he still held extremist views.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the government would announce further plans for “fundamental changes to the system for dealing with those convicted of terrorism offences” on Monday.

Forensic officers are spending the night filming and photographing the crime scene.

Residents who were taking refuge inside the Odeon cinema were allowed back into their properties around 10pm.

After which, a private ambulance arrived at Becmead Avenue, Streatham, to take the body away from the scene.

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