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“Why don’t you feel ashamed of attaching certain communities of S/land?” Said Mr,Hareed, By.Dr.Abdi Elmi Obseyeh, Borama

”Why don*t you feel ashamed of attacking certain communities of S/land?” Said Mr,Hareed, I was very pleased to hear the good debate of my MP. Of Gurti council Mr. Mohamed Hared In the house of elders the day before. Mr,Hared had a debate about a repetitive issue brought

to his attention from the public. He talked about the issue of youth celebrating in Somali flag in Borama(the youth were from different regions of Somaliland and Somalia).Mr. Hared highlighted that the community of Awdal region are more concerned about the Somaliland government sin¢e they are the great Pillars of it.Mr. Hared also focused some certain authorities who make blindfold the reality in Somaliland regions, and do false accusations.

Mr,Hared told us stories and facts that had attracted the audience ( the house of elders) as they nodded their heads in approval. Thank u very much my eider council ( Mr.Hared I YOU have showed us how to make a good debate in the council of elders(Somaliland Council) as you acted confidently in a clear and in good tone. If there are still some certain persons who are
not satisfied of your clean debate, we will prepare them voluntarily another session.

By.Dr.Abdi Elmi Obseyeh, Borama,S/land
Date.5th July 2021

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